Email Encryption

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Why would anyone use or need email encryption?

Email is now entrenched within business workflows and is how a significant amount of business is transacted between agents and carriers. The words shared between the parties are often critical to the business relationship and contain information of sensitive data, if lost or stolen could be harmful to either party and could also result in a lawsuit.

Why Secure Email is Important and a must need.
The use of Real Time rather than email is the best option for moving sensitive client data between the agent and carrier when available, because Real Time is highly efficient and transports the data directly between the agency and carrier systems in an encrypted state.

However, when email must be used to send communications with sensitive client information (such as that contained on some insurance or real-estate applications), it is important for agents and carriers to start to use secure email. If the email is not secured, the contents of the email and any attachments can be intercepted and read as they travel across the Internet, in the same way an open postcard can be read when sent through the mail. If an unsecured email is intercepted, the agency would face a security breach creating a significant risk to the agency’s reputation and potential E&O exposure.